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Daily Driver Dice Ball Chain W/S

Daily Driver Dice Ball Chain W/S


Original PR dice hung on a beautiful 16" all sterling silver chain. Chain is a sparkling high polish finish. Worn necklace picture shows the differences between 16" and 21" necklace. Each necklace comes with hangable custom necklace card for display. Ships in 4-6 weeks depending on order size. Handmade with love in atx.  Last picture shows how a 16" chain vs a 21" chain looks when worn.


MSRP: $92

Wholesale: $52


If you have a preference on what dice designs and colors you'd like to order, please leave your request in the notes. If not specified, it will be a mix of my choice. Let me know the quantity of each you'd like and what color and design. Just make sure your check out quantity matches your design request quantity to avoid delays. Dice design legend reads from left to right as follows;


A. Snoopy pumpkin- Classic White or Solid Orange

B. Dope Garfield- Classic White or Solid Orange

C. Cowboy Snoopy- Gold Bone Marbled, Bone, Solid Pink, Classic White, Pearl, Transparent Pink

D. Baby Snoopy- Solid Pink, Transparent Pink, Bone, Pearl, Classic White

E. Bunny- Transparent Red, Turquoise, Solid Orange, Bone, Gold Bone Marble, Copper, Orange Swirl 

F. Barbwire Heart- Solid Pink, Transparent Pink

G. Spiderweb Heart- Solid Pink, Transparent Pink, Classic White

H. Smiley Face- Yellow

I. Hoju- Galaxy Blue & White, Solid Red, Transparent Red

J. Flame - Midnight Blue, Solid Red, Transparent Red

K. Triple Flame- Blue & Gold, Transparent Red

L. Barbie- Solid Pink, Transparent Pink, Black

M. Horseshoe- Gold Bone Marble, Pearl & Gold, Transparent Red 


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