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     Palomino Rose is run solely by Tamara Rodriguez. She was born in Mexico City to a Mexican mother and Spanish father. Her family immigrated to Texas and she grew up traveling to and from Acapulco to visit family. This instilled a love of nature, travel and her Mexican American culture. She also loves the mountains and takes any opportunity to travel to them, while documenting her adventures through her personal photography.

     Tamara graduated from UT with an emphasis on ceramics and metals. She started her career as a large scale sculptor and now focuses on smaller projects as a silversmith and ceramicist. At heart she is always a craftsman, inspired by the natural elements of clay and metal and what they have to offer us. 

     She is attracted to the duality of the materials as well as the technical process and their relationship with fire. Clay is malleable in its original state which is then strengthen by withstanding a fire, while metal is so rigid only fire could make it soft enough to shape. Working with either must be done with a skillful hand. She believes these processes are beautiful metaphors for life and appreciates their histories which date back to and before recorded time. She uses these mediums as tools to explore folklore and nature.

     She has spent the last few years building her tiny home/studio with help from friends and loved ones. Her sights are now on her 1995 Vandura which she is converting in order to travel further and pedal her wares along the way. She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her puppy Riley and cat Sophia. 

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